Dee Dee Sharp – Happy ‘Bout the Whole Thing (1975)

Happy ‘Bout the Whole Thing is an album by American soul singer Dee Dee Sharp, issued in 1975 on Philadelphia International Records. Released as the singer turned 30, the album was her first longplayer in 12 years.

A1. “Love Buddies” (3:43)
A2. “Touch My Life” (4:23)
A3. “Ooh Child” (5:12)
A4. “Real Hard Day” (3:55)
A5. “Make It Till Tomorrow” (4:20)
B1. “Happy ‘Bout the Whole Thing” (4:51)
B2. “I’m Not in Love” (5:17)
B3. “Share My Love” (5:10)
B4. “Best Thing You Did for Me” (4:37)

Michael “Sugar Bear” Foreman — bass
Larry Washington — congas
Charles Collins — drums
Dennis Dozier — guitar
Dennis Harris — guitar
Norman Harris — guitar
Ron Kersey — organ
James Mendell — piano, associate producer
Don Renaldo Strings — strings
Bobby Martin — arranger, producer
Kenneth Gamble — producer
Leon Huff — producer
Barbara Ingram — background vocals
Carla Benson — background vocals
Evette Benton — background vocals
Herb Johnson — background vocals

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