Débile Menthol – Émile au Jardin Patrologique (1982)

Émile au Jardin Patrologique is the first of two albums by Swiss avant-garde/New Wave ensemble Débile Menthol, released in 1982 on RecRec.

A1. “Stamoi de cousu” (1:04)
A2. “Très amusant, major” (8:05)
A3. “Tante Agathe” (1:57)
A4. “Coupe-Rose” (1:56)
A5. “Spacio-Cib” (7:18)
A6. “Rien” (1:54)
B1. “A nos marmans” (4:43)
B2. “Mort aux dahus” (3:04)
B3. “La jupe” (5:49)
B4. “Je regarde par la fenêtre” (3:41)
B5. “Crash que peut” (4:21)

CD bonus track:

Bass [Basses] – Christian Addor, Gilles Vincent Rieder, Yvan Chkolnix, Jean-Maurice Rossel
Clarinet – Cédric Vuille
Drums [Batteries] – Cédric Vuille, François Liengme, Gilles Vincent Rieder
Guitar [Guitares] – Cédric Vuille, Yvan Chkolnix, Jean-Vincent Huguenin, Jean-Maurice Rossel
Keyboards [Claviers] – Christian Addor
Percussion – Gilles Vincent Rieder, Jean-Vincent Huguenin
Saxophone [Saxs] – Patrice Dupasquier
Violin – Marie Schwab
Voice [Voix] – Christian Addor, Gilles Vincent Rieder, Jean-Vincent Huguenin, Marie Schwab

Cover – Peter Bäder
Engineer [Ingénieurs] – Bubu Steiner, Etienne Gonod, Roebel Vogel
Producer [Production] – Debile Menthole, Rec Rec Zürich

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