Debile Menthol ‎– Battre Campagne (1985)

Battre Campagne is the second of two albums by Swiss avant-garde/New Wave band Debile Menthol, released in 1985 on RecRec.

A1. Bim-Bam (3:15)
A2. Bout de Mou (1:45)
A3. A quoi pensent-ils (5:14)
A4. Avalanche (5:25)
A5. Mieux vaut d’Ecker (3:12)
B1. A chacun von accent (4:05)
B2. Caduta massi (3:45)
B3. Battre campagne (7:35)
B4. Cul de sac (3:38)


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