Dear Mr. Time ‎– Grandfather (1970)

Grandfather is the singular album by English symphonic-psych band Dear Mr. Time, released in 1970 on A Square Record.

A1. “Birth – The Beginning” (3:58)
A2. “Out of Time” (4:30)
A3. “Make Your Peace” (5:20)
A4. “Your’s Claudia” (2:51)
A5. “Prelude (To “Your Country Needs You?”)” (3:00)
A6. “Your Country Needs You?” (3:35)
B1. “A Dawning Moonshine” (3:52)
B2. “Years and Fortunes” (4:01)
B3. “A Prayer for Her” (2:53)
B4. “Light Up a Light” (3:23)
B5. “On a Lonely Night” (4:16)
B6. “Grandfather” (2:36)

Dave Sewell – bass, backing vocals
Chris Baker – electric/acoustic guitar, backing vocals, vocals (A4)
Barry Everitt – organ, piano, harpsichord, vocals
John Clements – percussion, drums
Jim Sturgeon – saxophone, flute, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Brian Reeve – cover design
Phil Brown – engineer
James Tolleth – photography
Mike Weston – producer

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