Deaf School ‎– English Boys, Working Girls (1978)

English Boys, Working Girls is the third album by English New Wave/art-rock band Deaf School, released in 1978 on Warner Bros. It was produced by South African studio wunderkind Robert John Lange, whose other credits from this period include albums by City Boy, The Boomtown Rats, and Graham Parker and the Rumour.

Abandoning the inner-war/music hall flavors of its two predecessors, English Boys fuses Spectorian luster and New Wave vigor in a manner akin to The Shirts and Blondie. Several songs tackle the day’s new stories, including the July 1977 New York blackout (“What a Week”), the Kentucky nightclub inferno (“Fire”), and the televised trial of teenage murderer Ronny Zamora. Bette Bright ups her profile on this release with three lead-vocal numbers: “Thunder & Lightning,” “All Queued Up,” and “Morning After.”

A1. “Working Girls” (3:16)
A2. “Golden Showers” (2:49)
A3. “Thunder & Lightning” (2:56)
A4. “What a Week” (3:17)
A5. “Refugee” (2:57)
A6. “Ronny Zamora (My Friend Ron)” (3:45)
B1. “English Boys (With Guns)” (3:30)
B2. “All Queued Up” (3:08)
B3. “I Wanna Be Your Boy” (3:21)
B4. “Morning After” (3:53)
B5. “Fire” (2:48)
B6. “O. Blow” (2:33)

Steve Allen — vocals
Bette Bright — vocals
Eric Shark — vocals
Ian Ritchie — reeds
Max Ripple — keyboards
Clive Langer — guitar
Steve Lindsey — bass
Tim Whittaker — drums

Robert John Lange — producer

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