David Sancious and Tone – Transformation (The Speed of Love) (1976)

Transformation (The Speed of Love) is the second album by American symphonic/jazz-rock musician/composer David Sancious, released in 1976 on Epic. The album is his first of three recorded with the backing combo Tone.

A1. “Piktor’s Metamorphosis” (6:33)
A2. “Sky Church Hymn #9” (8:49)
A3. “The Play and Display of the Heart” (6:27)
B. “Transformation (The Speed of Love)” (18:07 — :01–1:04–5:42–9:12–11:40–15:29–18:00)

David Sancious — piano, fender rhodes, Hammond organ, organ, Moog, Clavinet, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bells, composer, arrangements, producer, vocals
Gerald Carboy — bass guitar, wind chimes
Ernest Carter — drums, percussion, vocals
Bruce Botnick — producer
Anthony Tillman — cover art
Gayle Moran — vocals

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