David Sancious and Tone – Dance of the Age of Enlightenment (1977)

Dance of the Age of Enlightenment is the third album by American jazz-rock keyboardist/composer/bandleader David Sancious, released in 1977 on Arista.

A1. “Overture – Wake Up (To a Brand New Day)” (3:54)
A2. “1st Movement (Dance of the Glory and Playfulness)” (11:57 — :01–3:35–6:05–12:05)
A3. “2nd Movement (Dance of Purification)” (5:08)
B1. “The Dawn” (4:00)
B2. “3rd Movement (Part I & II)” (4:01)
B3. “4th Movement (Dance of Serenity and Strength)” (4:17)
B4. “Finale: Gone Is the Veil Of Illusion / Dance of Gratitude and Devotion” (7:17)

David Sancious — keyboards, guitars, lead vocals
Gerald Carboy — bass guitar, vocals
Ernest Carter — drums
Patti Scialfa — vocals
Gail Boggs — vocals
Brenda Madison — vocals
Gayle Moran — vocals
Chris Mckevitt — synthesizer

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