David Byrne ‎– The Complete Score from the Broadway Production of “The Catherine Wheel” (1981)

The Complete Score from the Broadway Production of “The Catherine Wheel” is a 69-minute musical score by David Byrne for the title-sake dance production by choreographer Twyla Tharp, released on cassette in 1981 on Sire. A 41-minute distillation of the score, Songs From “The Catherine Wheel,” appeared concurrently on vinyl.

A1. “Light Bath” (1:11)
A2. “His Wife Refused” (4:31)
A3. “Ade” (3:22)
A4. “Walking” (0:53)
A5. “Two Soldiers” (3:31)
A6. “Under the Mountain” (0:52)
A7. “Dinosaur” (2:34)
A8. “The Red House” (3:17)
A9. “Wheezing” (3:12)
A10. “Eggs in a Briar Patch” (3:31)
A11. “Poison” (2:31)
A12. “Cloud Chamber” (2:50)
A13. “Black Flag” (2:30)
B1. “My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)” (2:45)
B2. “Combat” (2:45)
B3. “Leg Bells” (2:41)
B4. “The Blue Flame” (3:24)
B5. “Big Business” (5:06)
B6. “Dense Beasts” (3:11)
B7. “Five Golden Sections” (2:53)
B8. “What a Day That Was” (5:32)
B9. “Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)” (4:44)
B10. “Light Bath” (1:10)

David Byrne — vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion, effects, objects, synthesiser, flute, producer, songwriting, cover art
Doug Bennett — engineer
Julie Last — engineer
Bill Gill — assistant engineer
Cheryl Smith — assistant engineer
Greg Calbi — mastering engineer
Butch Jones — mix engineer
Yogi Horton — drums, tom toms
John Cernoff — percussion, congas, gong, guitar
Adrian Belew — steel guitar, guitar
Bernie Worrell — mini moog, piano, Clavinet
Brian Eno — bass, piano, synthesizer, vibraphone
Jerry Harrison — Clavinet, percussion
Dolette McDonald — vocals
Twyla Tharp — percussion
Steve Scales — congas
John Cooksey — drums
Susan Halloran — vocals

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