David Bendeth ‎– Adrenalin (1979)

Adrenalin is an album by English/Canadian jazz-funk guitarist David Bendeth, released in 1979 on Inter Global Music.

A1. “Adrenalin” (6:25)
A2. “Breakdown” (3:54)
A3. “Easy Ridin’” (2:49)
A4. “Lock Stock & Barrell” (4:13)
A5. “Dr. Dimento” (0:42)
B1. “Feel the Real” (3:46)
B2. “Copycat” (5:27)
B3. “Bozonoknowz” (3:26)
B4. “Count Me Out” (4:00)
B5. “Turbocharger” (0:52)
B6. “Calm” (2:53)

Bass – Marcus Miller, Randy Bramwell
Guitar – David Bendeth
Keyboards – John Cleveland Hughes
Drums – Lenny White (A1, A3), Billy Cobham (A4, B2, B3, B5), David Span (A2, A4, B1, B4)


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