Daryl Hall ‎– Sacred Songs (1977)

Sacred Songs is the debut solo album by musician/vocalist/songwriter Daryl Hall. Recorded during the summer of 1977 in collaboration with Robert Fripp, the album was ultimately released by RCA in 1980.

A1. Sacred Songs (3:12)
A2. Something in 4/4 Time (4:20)
A3. Babs and Babs (7:20)
A4. Urban Landscape (2:24)
A5. NYCNY (4:24)
B1. The Farther Away I Am (2:52)
B2. Why Was It So Easy (5:18)
B3. Don’t Leave Me Alone With Her (6:24)
B4. Survive (6:40)
B5. Without Tears (2:50)

Daryl Hall — lead vocals, keyboards, synthesiser, writer
Robert Fripp — guitar, producer, writer

Kenny Passarelli — bass
Roger Pope — drums
Caleb — guitar
David Kent — backing vocals
Charlie DeChant — saxophone, backing vocals

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