Daryl Hall & John Oates ‎– X-Static (1979)

X-Static is the eighth studio album by the American rock–soul duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, released in September 1979 on RCA.

Stephen Holden in Rolling Stone wrote “It’s not music for clumping around in a loft (like Ian Dury, say), but for scanning the street from a high-rise with binoculars.” — Rolling Stone, January 24, 1980; issue No. 309.

A1. The Woman Comes and Goes (3:48)
A2. Wait for Me (4:06)
A3. Portable Radio (4:44)
A4. All You Want Is Heaven (4:00)
A5. Who Said the World Was Fair (4:08)
B1. Running from Paradise (6:35)
B2. Number One (3:43)
B3. Bebop/Drop (3:56)
B4. Hallofon (1:17)
B5. IntraVino (3:33)

From the same sessions:
Time’s Up (Alone Tonight) (3:17)
No Brain, No Pain (2:54)

Daryl Hall —  vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, drums, halldorophone
John Oates — vocals, guitar

G.E. Smith — guitar
Jay “Solo” Graydon — guitar
Steve “4 Bars” Love — guitar
Werner Fritzchings — guitar
David Foster — keyboards, synthesizer, producer
Ralph Schuckett — organ
Charlie DeChant — saxophone
John Siegler — bass
Kenny Passarelli — bass
Neil Jason — bass
Jerry Marotta — drums
Yogi Horton — drums
Jimmy Maelen — percussion
George Bitzer — programming
Larry Fast — programming
Steve Porcaro — programming
Ed Sprigg — engineer
Bruce Buchalter — assistant engineer
David Leonard — assistant engineer
Jon Smith — assistant engineer
Mark Linett — assistant engineer
Humberto Gatica — mixing engineer
Kathy Hohl — cover art
George Nakana — photography
Tommy Mottola — manager

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