Daryl Hall and John Oates ‎– Beauty on a Back Street (1977)

Beauty on a Back Street is the sixth album by American rock/soul duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, released in 1977 on RCA.

A1. Don’t Change (3:30)
A2. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Heart? (3:13)
A3. You Must Be Good for Something (3:28)
A4. The Emptyness (3:32)
A5. Love Hurts (Love Heals) (3:08)
B1. Bigger Than Both of Us (4:30)
B2. Bad Habits and Infections (6:00)
B3. Winged Bull (4:37)
B4. The Girl Who Used to Be (4:10)

Daryl Hall — vocals, keyboards, Moog, mandolin, songwriter
John Oates — vocals, rhythm guitar, mando guitar, electric piano, songwriter

Leland Sklar — bass
Jeff Porcaro — drums, electronic drums
Gary Coleman — percussion, effects
Christopher Bond — arranger, conductor, producer, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, electronics, backing vocals
Tommy Mottola — manager, backing vocals
Jimmy Hughart — bass
Scott Edwards — bass
Tom Scott — tenor saxophone
Sara Allen — songwriter

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