Danny Wilson ‎– Meet Danny Wilson (1987)

Meet Danny Wilson is the first of two albums by Scottish sophisti-pop trio Danny Wilson, released in 1987 on Virgin.

A1. “Davy” (3:27)
A2. “Aberdeen” (2:23)
A3. “Mary’s Prayer” (3:52)
A4. “Lorraine Parade” (3:40)
A5. “Nothing Ever Goes to Plan” (3:46)
A6. “Broken China” (4:25)
A7. “Steamtrains to the Milky Way” (4:27)
B1. “Spencer-Tracey” (1:27)
B2. “You Remain an Angel” (4:53)
B3. “Ruby’s Golden Wedding” (3:10)
B4. “A Girl I Used to Know” (3:52)
B5. “Five Friendly Aliens” (4:38)
B6. “I Won’t Be Here When You Get Home” (4:02)

Gary Clark — vocals, guitar, keyboards
Kit Clark — multi-instrumentalist
Ged Grimes — bass guitar, keyboards

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