Danny Kirwan ‎– Second Chapter (1975)

Second Chapter is the debut solo album by English guitarist/songwriter Danny Kirwan, released in 1975 on DJM.

A1. “Ram Jam City” (2:48)
A2. “Odds and Ends” (2:31)
A3. “Hot Summer’s Day” (2:40)
A4. “Mary Jane” (2:54)
A5. “Skip a Dee Doo” (2:39)
A6. “Love Can Always Bring You Happiness” (3:12)
B1. “Second Chapter” (3:24)
B2. “Lovely Days” (2:26)
B3. “Falling in Love With You” (2:16)
B4. “Silver Streams” (3:27)
B5. “Cascades” (3:10)

CD bonus track:
Best Girl in the World” (2:31)

Danny Kirwan — guitar, vocals, writer
Geoff Britton — drums
Jim Russell — drums, percussion
Andy Silvester — bass
Paul Raymond — piano
Gerry Shury — arranger
Martin Rushent — engineer

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