Dalis Car ‎– The Waking Hour (1984)

The Waking Hour is the singular album by Dalis Car, a one-off collaborative effort between ex-Japan bassist Mick Karn and former Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy. Sporting the 1922 Maxfield Parrish painting Daybreak as its cover art, the album was released in 1984 on Paradox. Musically, the album is a continuation of the ethno-exotica first mined by the bassist on Tin Drum and Titles.

A1. “Dalis Car” (5:12)
A2. “His Box” (4:42)
A3. “Cornwall Stone” (5:19)
A4. “Artemis” (4:37)
B1. “Create And Melt” (5:36)
B2. “Moonlife” (4:56)
B3. “The Judgement Is The Mirror” (4:38)*

*12″ single b-sides:
B1. “High Places” (3:32)
B2. “Lifelong Moment” (4:10)

Mick Karn — instruments, mixing, cover design, composer, arranger
Peter Murphy — lyrics, vocals

Paul Vincent Lawford — performer
Steve Churchyard — producer, mixing, engineer
Stuart Breed — mixing assistant
Matt Butler — mixing assistant, assistant engineer
Fin Costello — photography
Sheila Rock — photography
Dalis Car — producer
Rory Lonemore — assistant engineer
Maxfield Parrish — cover art

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