Dalek I ‎– Compass Kum’pas (1980)

Compass Kum’pas is the first and only album from the original formation of Liverpudlian electro/art-pop duo Dalek I, released in 1980 on Phonogram-subsidiary Back Door.

A1. “The World” (2:27)
A2. “8 Track” (2:51)
A3. “Destiny (Dalek I Love You)” (3:40)*
A4. “A Suicide” (2:54)
A5. “The Kiss” (2:00)
A6. “Trapped” (4:00)
A7. “Two Chameleons” (3:18)
B1. “Freedom Fighters” (2:16)
B2. “You Really Got Me” (1:53)
B3. “Mad” (1:48)
B4. “Good Times” (2:06)
B5. “We’re All Actors” (2:52)
B6. “Heat” (3:12)
B7. “Missing 15 Minutes” (5:41)

*B-sides: “Happy” / “This Is My Uniform

Alan Gill – vocals, synthesizer, bass, guitar
Dave Hughes – keyboards
Chris Hughes – additional drums, percussion and FX
Hugh Jones – bass on “Heat”
Ken Peers – drums on “You Really Got Me”
Dave Bates – additional backing vocals

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