Curved Air – Air Cut (1973)

Air Cut is the fourth album by English symphonic-rock band Curved Air, released in 1973 on Warner Bros. The album features the violin/keyboard talents of an 18-year-old Eddie Jobson, who deputized the roles of Darryl Way and Francis Monkman for these sessions.

A1. “The Purple Speed Queen” (3:23)
A2. “Elfin Boy” (4:12)
A3. “Metamorphosis” (10:41)
A4. “World” (1:37)
B1. “Armin” (3:43)
B2. “U.H.F.” (5:07)
B3. “Two Three Two” (4:14)
B4. “Easy” (6:39)

Sonja Kristina – lead vocals, acoustic guitar (A2)
Eddie Jobson – electric violin, backing vocals (B2), VCS3 synthesizer, mellotron, pianos, organ, harpsichord
Kirby Gregory – electric and bass (A4) guitars, backing vocals
Mike Wedgwood – bass and acoustic (A4) guitars, backing and lead (B3, B4) vocals
Jim Russell – drums

Artwork design by Modula
Produced by Martin Rushent

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