Curtis Mayfield – Back to the World (1973)

Back to the World is the fourth solo studio album by American soul/funk musician/vocalist Curtis Mayfield, released in 1973 on Curtom.

A1. “Back to the World” (6:48)
A2. “Future Shock” (5:24)
A3. “Right On for the Darkness” (7:30)
B1. “If I Were Only a Child Again” (2:53)
B2. “Can’t Say Nothin'” (5:20)
B3. “Keep On Trippin’” (3:16)
B4. “Future Song (Love a Good Woman Love a Good Man)” (5:00)

Richard Tufo — arrangements
Glen Christensen — art direction
Milton Sincoff — packaging
Roger Anfinsen — engineer
Gary Wolkowitz — illustration
Curtis Mayfield — producer, writer

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