Culture Club ‎– Colour By Numbers (1983)

Colour By Numbers is the second album by English soul/pop foursome the Culture Club, released in 1983 on Virgin/Epic.

A1. “Karma Chameleon” (4:11)
A2. “It’s a Miracle” (3:25)
A3. “Black Money” (5:19)
A4. “Changing Every Day” (3:18)
A5. “That’s the Way (I’m Only Trying to Help You)” (2:46)
B1. “Church of the Poison Mind” (3:29)
B2. “Miss Me Blind” (4:31)
B3. “Mister Man” (3:36)
B4. “Stormkeeper” (2:47)
B5. “Victims” (4:56)

Boy George — vocals, composer
Jon Moss — drums, percussion, mixing, composer
Mikey Craig — bass, composer
Roy Hay — guitar, keyboards, composer

Helen Terry — vocals
Phil Pickett — keyboards
Steve Grainger — saxophone
Terry Bailey — trumpet
Trevor Bastow — string arrangements
Jermaine Stewart — vocals
Jud Lander — harmonica
Kenneth McGregor — trombone
Julian Lindsay — piano
Pat Seymour — flute
Graham Broad — percussion

Steve Levine — producer, mixing
Gordon Milne — engineer
Simon Humphrey — engineer
Mike Ross-Trevor — assistant engineer

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