Culpeper’s Orchard ‎– Culpeper’s Orchard (1971)

Culpeper’s Orchard is the debut album by the namesake Danish hard-rock/folk band, released in 1971 on Polydor.

A1. “Banjocul” (0:45)
A2. “Mountain Music Part 1” (6:22)
A3. “Hey You People” (1:25)
A4. “Teaparty for an Orchard” (6:10)
A5. “Ode to Resistance” (5:55)
B1. “Your Song & Mine” (5:31)
B2. “Gideon’s Trap” (5:40)
B3. “Blue Day’s Morning” (2:08)
B4. “Mountain Music Part 2” (7:23)

Bass, Organ, Flute, Piano [Two Finger], Percussion – Michael Friis
Drums, Percussion – Rodger Barker
Lead Guitar, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harpsichord – Niels Henriksen
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion – Cy Nicklin

Design, Layout – Bernhard Boesen
Photography By – John Fowlie
Producer – Casper

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