Crystal Winds ‎– First Flight (1982)

First Flight is the first and only album by American soul/funk project Crystal Winds, released in 1982 on Cash Ear Records.

A1. “So Sad” (6:51)
A2. “Love Ain’t Easy” (6:31)
A3. “Love Ain’t Easy II” (2:25)
A4. “Signs of Winter’s Time” (4:25)
B1. “It’s a Wonderous Thing” (8:32 — :01-4:24-8:34)
B2. “Lovers Holiday” (4:30)
B3. “Signs of Winter’s Time (Instrumental)” (4:36)
B4. “Funk Ain’t Easy” (1:10)

Arranged By, Written By [Horns] – M. Cortez Brown
Arranged By, Written By [Strings] – M. Cortez Brown (A4, B1, B3), Paul N. Coleman (A1, A2)
Backing Vocals – M. Cortez Brown (A1 to A4, B2 to B4), Martin Dumas Jr. (A1 to A4, B2 to B4), Paul N. Coleman (A1 to A4, B2 to B4), Sherry Scott (A2, B1), Theresa Davis (A4)
Bass – Jimmy Allen (A1 to A4, B2 to B4), Tony Brown (B1)
Bells – Jimmy Dolan Jr.
Conductor [Horns, Strings] – Rich Tufo
Congas – Frank Donaldson, Paul N. Coleman, Pennington McGee
Drums – E. Frank Donaldson (A4, B2), Wayne Stewart (A1 to A3, B1, B3, B4)
Guitar – Bruce Gaitsche (B1), Henry Johnson (A4), Martin Dumas Jr. (A1 to A4, B2 to B4)
Keyboards – Paul N. Coleman
Percussion – M. Cortez Brown, Paul N. Coleman
Saxophone – M. Cortez Brown
Vocals – M. Cortez Brown (A1, A2, B1), Paul N. Coleman, Theresa Davis (A4, B2, B4)
Voice [Overlays] – Jimmy Dolan, M. C. Brown (A1, A2, B1), Paul Coleman (B1), Theresa Davis (A2, B1), Valerie Williams (A1)

Design Concept [Artistic Concept] – Album Arts, Paul Gibson
Engineer – Jimmy Dolan Jr.
Engineer [Assitant] – Justin Niebank, Larry Huert, Todd Von Ohlen
Executive-Producer – Paul Gibson
Graphics [Album Arts] – Marvin Young
Illustration [Album Arts] – Marvin Young
Mastered By – Herb Powers Jr.
Other [Make-up] – Phyllis Smith
Photography By – Edwin Salter
Producer – M. Cortez Brown, Paul N. Coleman
Producer [Associate] – Jimmy Dolan Jr.

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