Creative Source ‎– Pass the Feelin’ On (1975)

Pass the Feelin’ On is an album by American soul/funk act Creative Source, released in 1975 on Polydor.

A1. “Pass the Feeling On” (5:01)
A2. “Thanks for Loving Me” (4:45)
A3. “Sincerely” (3:01)
A4. “I Want Ya (Loving Me)” (3:52)
B1. “Funky Luvah” (4:35)
B2. “Rainbow on the Ground” (3:57)
B3. “Don’t Be Afraid (Take My Love)” (3:46)
B4. “One Happy Song” (4:34)
B5. “Turn On to Music” (3:35)

Arranged By [Strings, Horns] – Wade Marcus
Arranged By [Vocals] – Earl Thomas, Jerry Hardy, Mike Stokes, Skip Scarborough
Art Direction – Sheri Leverich
Bass – Bob Babbitt, Gordon Edwards, Henry Davis, Will Lee
Congas – Eddie Brown
Design – Desmond Strobel
Drums – Allan Schwartzberg, James Gadson
Engineer – Don Blake, Pat Jacques
Guitar – Cliff Morris, Earl Michael Thomas, Greg Poree, Ray Parker, Robert Kreinar
Keyboards – Jerry Hardy, Mike Stokes, Paul Griffin, Skip Scarborough, Sonny Burke
Mixed By – Don Blake, Mike Stokes
Percussion – George Devens, Norman Pride
Photography By – Albert McKenzie Watson
Producer – Mike Stokes
Vibraphone – George Devens

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