Cream – Wheels of Fire (1968)

Wheels of Fire is a half-studio/half-live double-album by English power trio Cream, released in 1968 on Polydor/Atco.

In the Studio
A1. “White Room” (4:56)
A2. “Sitting on Top of the World” (4:56)
A3. “Passing the Time” (4:31)
A4. “As You Said” (4:19)
B1. “Pressed Rat and Warthog” (3:13)
B2. “Politician” (4:11)
B3. “Those Were the Days” (2:52)
B4. “Born Under a Bad Sign” (3:08)
B5. “Deserted Cities of the Heart” (4:36)
Live at the Fillmore
C1. “Crossroads” (4:13)
C2. “Spoonful” (16:44)
D1. “Traintime” (6:52)
D2. “Toad” (15:53)

Jack Bruce — bass, vocal, calliope, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, recorder, harmonica, writer
Eric Clapton — guitar, vocal
Ginger Baker — drums, timpani, vocal, glockenspiel, hi-hat, recitation, marimba, tubular bells, tambourine, writer

Pete Brown — lyrics
Tom Dowd — recording engineer
Felix Pappalardi — viola, organ, trumpet, Tonette, bells, producer
Martin Sharp — cover art
Stanisław Zagórski — cover design

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