Crack the Sky ‎– Safety in Numbers (1978)

Safety in Numbers is the third album by American hard-rock/art-rock combo Crack the Sky, released in 1978 on Lifesong.

A1. “Nuclear Apathy” (8:32)
A2. “Long Nights” (3:57)
A3. “Flashlight” (4:34)
A4. “Prelude to Safety in Numbers” (0:57)
B1. “Lighten Up McGraw” (5:06)
B2. “Give Myself to You” (3:26)
B3. “A Night on the Town (With Snow White)” (3:30)
B4. “Safety in Numbers” (6:30)

Joey D’Amico – Percussion, back-up vocals, lead vocals (“Long Nights”)
Jim Griffiths – Electric and acoustic guitar, back-up vocals
Joe Macre – Electric and synthesized bass guitar, Moog pedals, back-up vocals
Rick Witkowski – Electric and acoustic guitars, Mellotron, back-up vocals
Gary Lee Chappell – Lead vocals, back-up vocals, acoustic guitar
Rob Stevens – Piano, Minimoog, Oberheim synthesizer

Producer – Rob Stevens

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