Cosmos Factory ‎– Black Hole (1976)

Black Hole is the third album by Japanese experimental rock band Cosmos Factory, released in 1976 on Toshiba-subsidiary Express.

A1. “Blackhole” (8:46)
A2. “The Vague Image (Introduction)” (1:15)
A3. “The Hard Image” (3:51)
A4. “Crystal Solitaire” (3:41)
B1. “A Wandering Young Man” (8:59)
B2. “Days in the Past” (4:47)
B3. “Mirror Freak” (8:02)

CD bonus track: “Magic Window” (8:02)

Drums, Percussion – Kazuo Okamoto
Executive-Producer – Kazu Nitta
Producer – Kei Ishizaka, Naoki Tachikawa
Vocals, Bass – Toshikazu Taki
Vocals, Guitar, Percussion – Hisashi Mizutani
Vocals, Keyboards – Tsutomu Izumi

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