Cos ‎– Viva Boma (1976)

Viva Boma is the second album by Belgian avant-garde jazz-rock combo Cos, released in 1976 on IBC.

A1. “Perhaps Next Record” (1:25)
A2. “Viva Boma” (2:35)
A3. “Nog Verder” (4:32)
A4. “Boehme” (3:17)
A5. “Flamboya” (7:33)
B6. “In Lulu” (4:08)
B7. “L’idiot Léon” (10:48)
B8. “Ixelles” (5:02)

CD reissue bonus tracks:
9. “Mon rebis” (Previously Unreleased) (6:04)
10. “Reine de la vallée” (Previously Unreleased) (4:16)
11. “Nog Verder” (Demo Version) (7:20)
12. “Fanfan la Tulipe” (Vocal Improvisation) (2:41)

Pascale Son — vocals, oboe
Daniel Schell — guitar, flute, devices, writer
Marc Hollander — keyboards, bass clarinet, devices
Alain Goutier — bass, cover art
Guy Lonneux — drums

Marc Moulin — producer
Pierre Dupriez — engineer

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