Contraction ‎– La Bourse Ou La Vie (1974)

La Bourse ou la Vie is the second album by Quebecois jazz-rock band Contraction, released in 1974 on Deram.

A1. “Jos Coeur (Ouverture)” (1:01)
A2. “L’alarme à l’oeil” (3:48)
A3. “Claire fontaine” (6:00)
A4. “Sam M’Madown” (3:33)
A5. “Jos Coeur (Fermeture)” (4:57)
A6. “Vent du sud [d’après “Orejona Mater” de Frank Dervieux]” (0:46)
B1. La Bourse ou la Vie (17:54)
— a) Au commencement (7:37)
— b) Tout seul comme un grand piano (4:15)
— c) La bourse ou la vie
B2. “L’âme à tout faire [d’après “Orejona Mater” de Frank Dervieux]” (4:58)

Christiane Robichaud — vocals, vocal arrangements, flute, producer, writer
Yves Laferrière — electric bass, producer, vocals, writer, arrangements
Robert Lachapelle — piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, writer, arrangements
Richard Perotte — drums
Jimmy Tanaka — congas, percussion
Robert Stanley — guitar
Marcel Beauchamp — guitar
Denis Farmer — drums
Jean-Jacques Robichaux — vocals
Carlyle Miller — flute
Joey Armando — timbales

Georges-Hébert Germain — writer
Jules Perrotte — engineer, mixing
Quentin Meek — engineer
SNB — mastering
Michel Fortier — cover design
Serge Chapleau — cover design
Georges Lévesque — photography

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