Contraction ‎– Contraction (1972)

Contraction is the first of two albums by the namesake Quebecois jazz-rock/art-rock collective, released in 1972 on Columbia.

A1. “Chant patriotique” (3:36)
A2. “Le chat bruinne” (5:15)
A3. “Délire” (3:58)
A4. “Trois ou quatre” (5:23)
B1. “Ste-Mélanie blues” (3:56)
B2. “42 nord” (1:48)
B3. “Pixieland” (3:17)
B4. “Spleen” (2:49)
B5. “Fin du commencement” (1:51)

Christiane Robichaud — vocals, vocal arrangements
Yves Laferrière — bass, producer, music
Robert Lachapelle — piano, electric piano, music
Robert Stanley — guitar, music
Marcel P. Huot — drums
Carlyle Miller — flute, saxophone, arrangements

Jules Perrotte — engineer
John J. Williams — producer
Robert Lussier — photography
Michel Fortier — graphic design
Rawn Bankley — guitar
Michel Robidoux — acoustic guitar, guitar
Christian St-Roch — drums
Denis Farmer — drums
J.J. — flute
Michel Seguin — congas (A4)
Franck Dervieux — organ (B5)

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