Cocteau Twins ‎– Treasure (1984)

Treasure is the third full-length album by Scottish mood-rock/art-pop trio the Cocteau Twins, released in 1984 on 4AD.

A1. “Ivo” (3:56)
A2. “Lorelei” (3:42)
A3. “Beatrix” (3:13)
A4. “Persephone” (4:26)
A5. “Pandora (For Cindy)” (5:33)
B1. “Amelia” (3:31)
B2. “Aloysius” (3:28)
B3. “Cicely” (3:29)
B4. “Otterley” (4:16)
B5. “Donimo” (6:12)

Elizabeth Fraser — vocals
Robin Guthrie — guitar
Simon Raymonde — bass guitar

Cocteau Twins — writer, producer
Droston J. Madden — engineer
Jon Turner — engineer
23 Envelope — sleeve

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