Clive Langer & The Boxes ‎– Splash (1980)

Splash is the first and only full-length album by Liverpudlian writer/producer Clive Langer and his backing band The Boxes, released in 1980 on F-Beat. The ex-Deaf School mastermind shares production duties with fellow bespectacled tunesmith Elvis Costello on two tracks.

A1. “Hello” (3:02)
A2. “Never Wanted You” (3:10)
A3. “Ain’t Gonna Kiss Ya” (2:30)
A4. “Hope And Glory” (3:48)
A5. “Best Dressed Man” (3:18)
A6. “Half as Nice” (3:10)
B1. “Splash (A Tear Goes Rolling Down)” (3:10)
B2. “It’s All Over Now” (3:09)
B3. “Burning Money” (3:42)
B4. “Take You Down” (3:25)
B5. “First Thing in the Morning” (2:44)
B6. “Had a Nice Night” (1:52)

Bass – James Eller
Drums – Martin Hughes
Guitar, vocals – Clive Langer
Keyboards – Ben Barson

Producer – Clanger/Winstanley (A1, A4, A5, B2, B5)
Producer – Clanger/Bassman (A2, B1, B3, B4), Elvis Costello (A3, A6)

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