Cliff Richard – Two a Penny (1968)

Two a Penny is a soundtrack album by English vocalist/actor Cliff Richard, released in 1968 on Columbia/EMI.

A1. “Two a Penny” (2:44)
A2. “I’ll Love You Forever Today” (3:08)
A3. “Questions” (2:53)
A4. “Long Is the Night (Instrumental)” (2:32)
A5. “Lonely Girl” (3:09)
A6. “And Me (I’m on the Outside Now)” (3:02)
A7. “Daybreak (Instrumental)” (2:20)
B1. “Twisy and Shout” (2:39)
B2. “Celeste (Instrumental)” (2:47)
B3. “Wake Up Wake Up” (2:37)
B4. “Cloudy” (2:19)
B5. “Red Rubber Ball” (2:07)
B6. “Close to Kathy” (2:57)
B7. “Rattler” (2:52)

Cliff Richard – vocals
Orchestra – Mike Leander Orchestra
Producer – Norrie Paramor

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