Cliff Richard ‎– Green Light (1978)

Green Light is a 1978 studio album by Cliff Richard, produced by Bruce Welch for EMI Records.

A1. Green Light (4:00)
A2. Under Lock & Key (3:32)
A3. She’s a Gypsy (4:07)
A4. Count Me Out (4:10)
A5. Please Remember Me (3:15)
A6. Never Even Thought (4:08)
B1. Free My Soul (3:52)
B2. Start All Over Again (3:52)
B3. While She’s Young (2:44)
B4. Can’t Take the Hurt Anymore (3:45)
B5. Easy Along (4:25)

Cliff Richard – vocals
Alan Tarney – guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Alan Parker, Terry Britten, Tim Renwick – guitar
Alan Jones – bass
Duncan Mackay, Graham Todd – keyboards
Brian Bennett, Trevor Spencer – drums
John Perry, Stuart Calver, Tony Rivers – backing vocals
Richard Hewson – string arrangement

Bruce Welch – production

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