Cliff Richard ‎– Every Face Tells a Story (1977)

Every Face Tells a Story is a 1977 studio album by Cliff Richard, produced by Bruce Welch for EMI Records.

A1. My Kinda Life* (3:43)
A2. Must Be Love (4:14)
A3. When Two Worlds Drift Apart (4:12)
A4. You Got Me Wondering (3:36)
A5. Every Face Tells a Story (It Never Tells a Lie) (3:16)
A6. Try a Smile (3:58)
B1. Don’t Turn the Light Out (3:18)
B2. Hey Mr. Dream Maker (4:46)
B3. Give Me Love Your Way (3:42)
B4. Up in the World (2:38)
B5. It’ll Be Me Babe (3:07)
B6. Spider Man (3:34)

*b-side: Nothing Left for Me to Say

Cliff Richard – vocals
Terry Britten – guitar
Alan Tarney – bass
Graham Todd – keyboards
Brian Bennett – drums, percussion
Frank Ricotti – percussion
John Perry, Tony Rivers – backing vocals
Mo Witham – guitar on “My Kinda Life”
Alan Jones – bass on “My Kinda Life”
Alan Hawkshaw – keyboards on “My Kinda Life”
Roger Pope – drums on “My Kinda Life”
Richard Hewson – string arrangements

Bruce Welch – production

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