Clearlight – Les Contes du Singe Fou (1976)

Les Contes du Singe Fou is the third album by French/English symphonic/space collective Clearlight, released in 1976 on Isadora.

A1. “The Key” (13:44)
—i. The Outsider (5:17)
—ii. A Trip to the Orient (5:47)
—iii. Lightsleeper’s Despair (2:40)
A2. “Soliloque” (5:21)
B1. “Time Skater” (15:29)
—i. Prelude (1:50)
—ii. Countdown to Eternity (4:28)
—iii. Cosmic Crusaders (9:11)
B2. “Stargazer” (2:32)
B3. “Return to the Source” (3:41)

Cyrille Verdeaux — piano, harpsichord, organ, synthesizer, timbales
Francis Mandin — synthesizer, lyrics
Tim Blake — synthesizer
Yves Chouard — guitar
Ian Bellamy — vocals
Didier Lockwood — violin, bass violin
Serge Aouzi — drums, percussion
Joël Dugrenot — bass, producer
Georges Litvine — photography

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