City Boy ‎– Young Men Gone West (1977)

Young Men Gone West is the third album by English art-rock sextet City Boy, released in 1977 on Mercury.

A1. Bordello Night (3:04)
A2. Dear Jean (I’m Nervous) (5:33)
A3. Honeymooners (3:55)
A4. She’s Got Style (3:23)
A5. Bad for Business (3:33)
B1. Young Men Gone West (4:05)
B2. I’ve Been Spun (3:19)
B3. One After Two (3:27)
B4. The Runaround (3:16)
B5. The Man Who Ate His Car (3:00)
B6. Millionaire (4:28)

Mike Slamer — vocals, guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
Steve Broughton — vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Max Thomas — vocals, piano, harmonium, organ, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
Lol Mason — vocals, backing vocals
Chris Dunn — bass
Tony Braunagel — drums, percussion

Robert John Lange — producer, engineer
Frank Ricotti — marimba, percussion
Albie Donnelly — tenor saxophone
Geoff Tristram — clarinet

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