City Boy ‎– Dinner at the Ritz (1977)

Dinner at the Ritz is the second album by English art-rock sextet City Boy, released in 1977 on Mercury.

A1. Momma’s Boy (3:43)
A2. Walk on the Water (3:42)
A3. Narcissus (5:26)
A4. Dinner at the Ritz (6:41)
B1. Goodbye Blue Monday (5:01)
B2. The Violin (7:20)
B3. State Secrets – A Thriller (7:33)
|i. State Secrets
|ii. Heavy Breathing
|iii. Spring in Peking

Lol Mason — lead vocals, backup vocals
Steve Broughton — lead vocals, backup vocals, autoharp
Max Thomas — vocals, keyboards
Mike Slamer — electric guitars
Chris Dunn — bass, acoustic guitar
Roger Kent — drums, percussion

Mutt Lange — producer
Duncan the Dog — accordion
Dave Jackson — saxophone
Van der Graaf Generator — vocals
Jack Holstein — fiddle
B.J. Cole — pedal steel
R.J. Lange — bass
Fiachra Trench — piano

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