Chrysalis – Definition (1968)

Definition is an album by American psychedelic folk/pop sextet Chrysalis, released in 1968 on MGM Records.

A1. “What Will Become the Morning” (2:29)
A2. “Lacewing” (3:30)
A3. “Cynthia Gerome” (2:30)
A4. “April Grove” (2:55)
A5. “Father’s Getting Old” (2:20)
A6. “30 Poplar” (2:26)
B1. “Baby, Let Me Show Where I Live” (2:30)
B2. “Fitzpatrick Swanson” (2:30)
B3. “Lake Hope” (2:14)
B4. “Piece of Sun” (1:15)
B5. “Summer in Your Savage Eyes” (2:15)
B6. “Dr. Root’s Garden” (4:55)

Arranged By [Strings, Brass & Woodwinds], Conductor – Peter Winkler (B1 to B4)
Arranged By [Strings, Brass & Woodwinds], Conductor, Producer – Jim Friedman (A2, A4, A5, B5)
Art Direction – Alan Hall
Bass, Vocals – Paul Album
Composed By [Comp.] – James G. Barbour
Design, Photography By – Charter Weeks Mirage Expeditions
Directed By [Musical Director] – Peter Winkler
Engineer – Richard Kunc, Randy Rand, Val Valentin
Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals – Jon Sabin
Guitar, Vocals, Percussion [Cicada] – J. Spider Barbour
Keyboards, Vocals – Ralph Kotkov
Liner Notes – J. Spider Barbarous
Percussion – Dahaud Shaar
Vocals – Nancy Nairn

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