Christian Vander & Offering ‎– Offering I – II (1986)

Part 1 – Part 2 is the first of three studio albums by Christian Vander’s Offering, released in 1986 as a two-LP set on JARO. In 1988, all four sides were issued on a single CD as Offering I – II by Zeuhl-specialty label Seventh Records.

A1. “Offering (Part One)” (7:57)
A2. “Earth” (10:29)
B. “Joia” (18:00)
C1. “C’est pour nous” (8:05)
C2. “Love in the Darkness” (10:39)
D1. “Tilim M’Dohm” (2:34)
D2. “Mazur Kujiawiaki Oberek (Tryptique)” (4:56)
D3. “Solitude” (4:07)
D4. “Uguma Ma Melimeh Gingeh” (3:44)

Christian Vander — Rhodes, piano, lead vocals, drums, bells, tambourine, producer, cover design, composer, arrangements
Stella Vander — lead vocals, maracas, bells
Guy “Zu” Khalifa — vocals, flute, Rhodes, piano
Simon Goubert — Rhodes, piano
Pierre Marcault — percussion
Christian Martinez — trumpet
Jacques Bolognesi — trombone

Francis Linon — recording engineer
Jean-Paul Fenneteau/Urval — design
Duska — cover design
Jean Marc Jafet — bass (A2)
Marc Delouya — drums (A2)
Miłosz Magin — composer (D2)

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