Chrisma ‎– Hibernation (1979)

Hibernation is the second album by Italian synth-punk duo Chrisma, released in 1979 on Polydor.


A1. “Calling” (4:52)
A2. “Aurora B.” (5:05)
A3. “Rush ’79” (4:26)
A4. “Hibernated Nazi” (3:50)
B1. “Gott Gott Electron” (4:06)
B2. “We R.” (3:48)
B3. “So You Don’t” (4:15)
B4. “Lover” (3:28)
B5. “Vetra Platz” (3:06)

Maurizio Arcieri — vocals, synthesizer, songwriting
Christina Moser — vocals, acoustic guitar

Ezio Vevey — electric guitar
Nico Papathanassiou — producer, mixing, songwriting
Dave Marinone — engineer, mixing
Keith Spencer-Allen — engineer
Steve Rooke — mastering engineer
J. Scott — songwriting
Lucio Fabbri — violin

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