Chris Rea – Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? (1978)

Whatever Happened to Benny Santini? is the debut album by English singer/songwriter Chris Rea, released in 1978 on Magnet/UA.

A1. “Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?” (4:21)
A2. “The Closer You Get” (3:33)
A3. “Because of You” (3:56)
A4. “Dancing With Charlie” (3:51)
A5. “Bows and Bangles” (3:59)
B1. “Fool (If You Think It’s Over)” (4:46)
B2. “Three Angels” (3:26)
B3. “Just One of Those Days” (2:41)
B4. “Standing in Your Doorway” (3:51)
B5. “Fires of Spring” (3:57)

Chris Rea – vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Robert Ahwai – guitar
Eddie Guy – guitar
Paul Keogh – guitar
Phil Curtis – bass
Pat Donaldson – bass
Dave Markee – bass
Eoghan O’Neill – bass
Rod Argent – keyboards, electric piano
Kevin Leach – keyboards
Max Middleton – keyboards
Pete Wingfield – keyboards, piano
Steve Gregory – saxophone
Dave Mattacks – drums
Norman Nosebait – drums
Adrian Rea – drums
Martin Ditcham – percussion
Gus Dudgeon – percussion, tambourine, producer
Frank Ricotti – percussion, conga, tabla
George Woodhead – percussion
Doreen Chanter – backing vocals
Irene Chanter – backing vocals
Stuart Epps – backing vocals

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