Chris de Burgh ‎– Man on the Line (1984)

Man on the Line is the seventh studio album by Irish singer/songwriter Chris de Burgh, produced by Rupert Hine and released in 1984 on A&M.

A1. “The Ecstasy of Flight (I Love the Night)” (4:00)
A2. “Sight and Touch” (3:17)
A3. “Taking It to the Top” (4:00)
A4. “The Head and the Heart” (3:59)
A5. “The Sound of a Gun” (4:30)
B1. “High on Emotion” (4:22)
B2. “Much More Than This” (2:57)
B3. “Man on the Line” (4:24)
B4. “Moonlight and Vodka” (3:39)
B5. “Transmission Ends” (5:56)

Rupert Hine — keyboards, synthesizer, producer
Chris De Burgh — vocals, guitar
Phil Palmer — electric guitar
John Giblin — bass

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