Chico Hamilton – Peregrinations (1975)

Peregrinations is a jazz-funk album by American drummer Chico Hamilton, released in 1975 on Blue Note.

A1. “V-O” (3:59)
A2. “The Morning Side of Love” (5:18)
A3. “Abdullah and Abraham” (4:16)
A4. “Andy’s Walk” (4:18)
A5. “Peregrinations” (3:16)
B1. “Sweet Dreams” (5:54)
B2. “Little Lisa” (2:49)
B3. “Space for Stacy” (3:10)
B4. “On and Off” (2:56)
B5. “It’s About That Time” (0:50)

Chico Hamilton — drums, percussion, arrangements
Abdullah — congas, bongos, percussion
Steve Turre — bass, horns
Barry Finnerty — guitar
Joe Beck — guitar
Arthur Blythe — horns
Arnie Lawrence — horns
Jerry Peters — keyboards
Charlotte Politte — programming
Maxine Willard — vocals, vocal arrangements
Julia Tillman — vocals, vocal arrangements
Luther Waters — vocals, vocal arrangements
Oren Waters — vocals, vocal arrangements
Keg Johnson — vocal arrangements, producer

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