Chick Corea ‎– My Spanish Heart (1976)

My Spanish Heart is a 1976 solo album by American jazz-rock keyboardist/composer Chick Corea, originally released as a double-LP set on Polydor.

A1. “Love Castle” (4:47)
A2. “The Gardens” (3:11)
A3. “Day Danse” (4:29)
A4. “My Spanish Heart” (1:37)
A5. “Night Streets” (6:02)
B1. “The Hilltop” (6:15)
B2. “The Sky” (5:01)
— Part I: Children’s Song No. 8
— Part II: Portrait of Children’s Song No. 8
B3. “Wind Danse” (4:55)
C1. “Armando’s Rhumba” (5:19)
C2. “Prelude to El Bozo” (1:36)
C3. “El Bozo, Part I” (2:49)
C4. “El Bozo, Part II” (2:06)
C5. “El Bozo, Part III” (4:56)
D1. “Spanish Fantasy, Part I” (6:07)
D2. “Spanish Fantasy, Part II” (5:11)
D3. “Spanish Fantasy, Part III” (3:09)
D4. “Spanish Fantasy, Part IV” (5:04)

Chick Corea – Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Percussion, Vocals, Production, Arrangement, Composer
Stanley Clarke – Double bass, Bass Guitar
Steve Gadd – drums
Narada Michael Walden – Drums, Handclaps
Don Alias – Percussion
Jean-Luc Ponty – Violin
Gayle Moran – Vocals
String quartet
Connie Kupka – Violin
Barry Socher – Violin
Carole Mukogawa – Viola
David Speltz – Cello
Brass section
Stuart Blumberg – Trumpet
John Rosenburg – Trumpet
John Thomas – Trumpet
Ron Moss – Trombone

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