Chicago ‎– Chicago XI (1977)

Chicago XI is the ninth studio album by American jazz-rock/pop ensemble Chicago, released in 1977 on Columbia Records.

A1. Mississippi Delta City Blues (4:41)
A2. Baby, What a Big Surprise (3:06)
A3. Till the End of Time (4:48)
A4. Policeman (4:02)
A5. Take Me Back to Chicago (5:16)
B1. Vote for Me (3:47)
B2. Takin’ It on Uptown (4:47)
B3. This Time (4:46)
B4. The Inner Struggles of a Man (2:43)
B5. Prelude (Little One) (0:52)
B6. Little One (5:44)

Robert Lamm — keyboards, vocals, percussion, lead vocals, brass arrangements, grand piano, lyrics, music
Terry Kath — guitar, vocals, percussion, lead vocals, electric guitar, lyrics, music
James Pankow — trombone, vocals, keyboards, percussion, brass arrangements, lead vocals, grand piano, lyrics, music
Peter Cetera — bass, vocals, orchestration, lyrics, music
Lee Loughnane — trumpet, vocals, lead vocals, lyrics, music, flugel horn
Walter Parazaider — woodwinds, baritone saxophone
Danny Seraphine — drums, percussion, lyrics, music
Laudir de Oliveira — percussion

James William Guercio — acoustic guitar, bass, orchestration, producer
Tim Cetera — background vocals
Carl Wilson — background vocals
Dominic Frontiere — orchestration, string arrangements, orchestral arrangements, lyrics, music
Chaka Khan — background vocals, talking
David “Hawk” Wolinski — ARP Solina string synthesizer, fender rhodes, lyrics, music
The Voice of Inspiration of Compton, California — choir
Alexander Hamilton — conductor
Fred Kagan — lyrics

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