Chicago ‎– Chicago V (1972)

Chicago V is the fourth studio album by American jazz-rock band Chicago, released in 1972 on Columbia Records.

A1. A Hit by Varese (4:56)
A2. All Is Well (3:51)
A3. Now That You’ve Gone (5:05)
A4. Dialogue (Part One) (2:56)
A5. Dialogue (Part Two) (4:13)
B1. While the City Sleeps (3:55)
B2. Saturday in the Park (4:00)
B3. State of the Union (6:15)
B4. Goodbye (6:04)
B5. Alma Mater (4:00)

Terry Kath — guitar, vocals
Peter Cetera — bass, vocals
Robert Lamm — keyboards, vocals
Lee Loughnane — trumpet, background vocals, percussion
Walter Parazaider — woodwinds, percussion
James Pankow — trombone, percussion
Danny Seraphine — bells, congas, drums

James William Guercio — producer

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