Chicago ‎– Chicago III (1971)

Chicago III is the third album by American jazz-rock band Chicago, released in 1971 on Columbia Records. As with its predecessors, the album was originally released as a double-LP set.

A1. Sing a Mean Tune Kid (9:15)
A2. Loneliness Is Just a Word (2:35)
A3. What Else Can I Say (3:11)
A4. I Don’t Want Your Money (4:48)
Travel Suite
B1. Flight 602 (2:45)
B2. Motorboat to Mars (1:30)
B3. Free (2:15)
B4. Free Country (5:50)
B5. At the Sunrise (2:42)
B6. Happy ‘Cause I’m Going Home (7:25)
C1. Mother (4:28)
C2. Lowdown (3:34)
An Hour in the Shower
C3. A Hard Risin’ Morning Without Breakfast (1:58)
C4. Off to Work (0:45)
C5. Fallin’ Out (0:48)
C6. Dreamin’ Home (0:56)
C7. Morning Blues Again (1:03)
D1. When All the Laughter Dies in Sorrow (1:02)
D2. Canon (1:05)
D3. Once Upon a Time… (2:35)
D4. Progress? (2:32)
D5. The Approaching Storm (6:33)
D6. Man vs. Man: The End (1:33)

Peter Cetera — bass, vocals
Terry Kath — guitar, vocals
Robert Lamm — keyboards, vocals
Lee Loughnane — trumpet, vocals
James Pankow — trombone
Walter Parazaider — woodwinds, vocals
Danny Seraphine — drums

James William Guercio — producer

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