Chicago – Chicago (1970)

Chicago — colloquially known as Chicago II — is the second album by American jazz-rock band Chicago, released in 1970 on Columbia Records. The album was the second of three consecutive double-LP sets by the band.

A1. Moving In (4:05)
A2. The Road (3:09)
A3. Poem for the People (5:33)
A4. In the Country (6:31)
B1. Wake Up Sunshine (2:29)
B2. Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon
|a. Make Me Smile (3:32)
|b. So Much to say, So Much to Give (1:04)
|c. Anxiety’s Moment (1:00)
|d. West Virginia Fantasies (1:34)
|e. Colour My World (2:58)
|f. To Be Free (1:21)
|g. Now More Than Ever (1:27)
C1. Fancy Colours (5:09)
C2. 25 or 6 to 4 (4:58)
C3. Memories of Love
|a. Prelude (1:18)
|b. A.M. Mourning (2:05)
|c. P.M. Mourning (1:59)
|d. Memories of Love (4:01)
D1. It Better End Soon
|a. 1st Movement (2:30)
|b. 2nd Movement (3:47)
|c. 3rd Movement (3:19)
|d. 4th Movement (1:15)
D2. Where Do We Go From Here (2:53)

Robert Lamm — vocals, piano, Hammond organ, Pianet
Terry Kath — vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Peter Cetera — vocals, bass
Danny Seraphine — drums, percussion
Lee Loughnane — trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
James Pankow — trombone, brass arrangements
Walter Parazaider — saxophone, flute, clarinet, vocals

James William Guercio — producer

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