Chic ‎– C’est Chic (1978)

C’est Chic is the second album by American soul/funk combo Chic, released in 1978 on Atlantic.

A1. “Chic Cheer” (4:42)
A2. “Le Freak” (5:23)
A3. “Savoir Faire” (5:01)
A4. “Happy Man” (4:17)
B1. “I Want Your Love” (6:45)
B2. “At Last I Am Free” (7:08)
B3. “Sometimes You Win” (4:26)
B4. “(Funny) Bone” (3:41)

Bernard Edwards — bass, vocals, producer, conductor, songwriter
Nile Rodgers — guitar, producer, conductor, songwriter
Tony Thompson — drums
Alfa Anderson — vocals
David Lasley — vocals
Diva Gray — vocals
Luci Martin — vocals
Luther Vandross — guest, vocals
Robert Sabino — Clavinet, piano, electric piano
Raymond Jones — electric piano
Alex Foster — saxophone
Jean Fineberg — saxophone
Cheryl Hong — strings
Karen Milne — strings
Marianne Carroll — strings
Barry Rogers — trombone
Sammy Figueroa — percussion
Ellen Seeling — trumpet
Jon Faddis — trumpet
Jose Rossy — tubular bells
Marc Kreiner — associate producer
Tom Cossie — associate producer
Bob Clearmountain — engineer
Jeff Hendrickson — engineer
Positively No Way Ray (Willard?) — engineer
Andy Schwartz — Clavinet, piano, electric piano
Burt Szerlip — engineer

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