Chas Jankel ‎– Questionnaire (1981)

Questionnaire is the second solo album by English jazz-funk keyboardist/songwriter Chaz Jankel, released in 1981 on A&M.

A1. “109” (3:53)
A2. “Johnny Funk” (4:57)
A3. “Now You’re Dancing” (3:93)
A4. “Magic of Music” (4:53)
B1. “Glad to Know You” (3:40)
B2. “Boy” (3:53)
B3. “Questionnaire” (5:18)
B4. “3,000,000 Synths” (6:27)

Chaz Jankel – lead vocals; piano; Wurlitzer; claptrap; Hammond organ; guitar; Oberheim OB-X; clavinet
Norman Watt-Roy – bass guitar
Peter Van Hooke – Linn LM-1 programming; Simmons SDS-V
Charlie Charles – drums; bongos;
Laura Weymouth, Tessa Niles – backing vocals
Dick Cuthell – trumpet (A4)
Henry Lowther – trumpet (B3)

Producer – Philip Bagenal, Chaz Jankel, Peter Van Hooke

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