Chas Jankel ‎– Chas Jankel (1980)

Chas Jankel is the debut solo album by English jazz-funk keyboardist/songwriter Chaz Jankel, released in 1980 on A&M.

A1. “Ai No Corrida” (9:10)
A2. “Peace, at Last” (2:50)
A3. “Just a Thought” (5:16)
A4. “Lenta Latina” (3:53)
B1. “Fuse” (0:35)
B2. “Am I Honest With Myself Really?” (14:51)
B3. “Reverie” (3:46)

Chaz Jankel – lead and background vocals; guitar; keyboards; synthesizer; percussion, producer
Mark Isham – soprano saxophone; trumpet; synthesizer, producer
Chris Hunter – alto saxophone; tenor saxophone
Peter Van Hooke – drums; percussion, producer
Chris Warwick – synthesizer programming; percussion, producer
Kuma Harada – bass guitar (A3, A4)
Paul Westwood – bass guitar (A1)

Chris Jenkins – engineer
Mick Glossop – engineer

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